November is in full swing and temps are dropping in NYC. When Friday comes around, all I want to do is put on sweatpants. Thank God for the trend of “athleisure” where now it’s socially acceptable to rock your favorite comfy pants outside the house.

However, you must follow some rules when attempting to dress up your sweats so you don’t completely look like you rolled out of bed. Listen up guys, I’m talking to you too.

A staple piece in every person’s wardrobe is a leather jacket. If you can’t break the bank at the moment, have no fear — there are so many types of “vegan” leather jackets sold by your fast-fashion destinations like Zara to give you the look of a classic leather jacket without spending next month’s rent.

Whether you want to dress up a hoodie (a la Kendall Jenner) or simply add some structure to your look – this is a great way to do this. It takes your sweats to next level where you go from borderline pjs to “model off-duty.”

I love a neutral palette – so simply adding a grey tee with my black Aerie sweatpants was an easy decision.

Now for the sneaker, one thing I love about living in NYC is how much of a sneaker culture it is. It’s important to have a variety in your sneaker game – you want the basics; Converse, Adidas and Nikes.

I love a simple white high-top converse. They look very “cool-Euro model” in the summer with a dress and love the way they look with an all black ensemble for a little pop.

At under 60 bucks, you can’t go wrong with this timeless kick.

Throw on your favorite eyewear and you’re ready to hit the streets not only comfortable but completely in style.


Photos by the talented Allison Schaller in Soho


JACKET: Random find in Soho; similar here & here

SWEATS: AERIE, older style but similar here

TEE: AERIE, older style but similar here




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