REVIEW: The Latest in Liners


I’m not a total fan of the term “beauty junkie” but pretty sure I am one. I am also someone who likes to become best friend’s with make-up artists at department stores and there’s no Sephora I can’t spend at least an hour in…

One day I received an e-mail from my favorite beauty site, Into The Gloss asking if I’d want to be a part of their latest VIP program to try out new products! I was so honored they reached out and behold a few days later, I receive the latest liner from Benefit Cosmetics “They’re Real! Push-Up Liner.” For me, liner is incredibly important. My eyes are something I like to play up — especially at night!

I am usually one to use an angled brush along with a pencil/gel liner combination which can get pretty complicated. However — this innovative product has it all in one! Put the angled brushes aside ladies! This new liner has an angled tip and retractable gel liner that comes out easily for the perfect smudge-proof line.

It was a little tricky to use at first but after a few tries I got the hang of it. That line wasn’t going anywhere! I definitely suggest this product if you’re one to love a bold liner. You can really switch up the angle for your ideal shape which I love.

You won’t be disappointed!




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