The Magic of Mean Girls

I remember being a freshman in high school feeling so excited to see Mean Girls opening night with my friends at Rave.

Rave was the movie theater in the outdoor shopping mall in my hometown. It was the place to be seen on the weekends — especially as a freshman where all there was to do was shop, eat pizza and chill with your friends as your parents dropped you off. Now Rave isn’t even called Rave and my favorite pizza place, Puccini’s is a thing of the past (tears)!  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years…

Just think — Amanda Seyfried was a small town girl from Allentown, PA, Rachel McAdams was a blonde pre-Notebook, Lindsay Lohan wasn’t BFF’s with Oprah and “fetch” wasn’t even a term for “cool”. Mean Girls really changed it all and will still be that movie I can’t turn off when it’s on and the quotes still remain hilarious as ever.

Let’s reminisce on the magic of Mean Girls with non-other than rapper, mathelite and “I only date women of color” extraordinaire — Kevin G.

Happy Anniversary Mean Girls!


Where were you when you first saw Mean Girls and what was your favorite scene? Leave your comments below — it would be fetch! 🙂




One comment

  1. I can’t even remember the first time I watched Mean Girls…. Maybe October 3rd ; ) I do know that it gets better every time I watch it and it is now on netflix. Yep I know what my evening now entails! “My dad the inventor of toaster struddle” approves this post. I always thought I was a Gretchen… Anyone else see this!?!

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