Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself


It’s been a minute friends but I could not be more excited to bring Syma Speaks back — what better time than the first day of New York Fashion Week?! This relaunch is very important to me and has taken me a while to really understand what I want this platform to be (still figuring it out actually). Hoping to bring you my favorite trends, jams and all things I find “screen-shot” worthy to make 2014 a very stylish year — on and off the runway.

For those of you who may not be familiar with me, I started Syma Speaks in 1998. Yes, before the blogosphere struck, I was that 3rd grader growing up in Indiana just wanting to create my own fashion magazine. I did so, and sold it for 50 cents to classmates and family. Sorry Dad for making you buy so many ink cartridges and use all the computer paper — I promise it was worth it!

After a few issues, including one feature titled “Gap Summer” where I featured clothing from Gap Kids (I mean I am even laughing about this now), it is kind of unbelievable. There were even album reviews I wrote – most importantly Jennifer Lopez’s “On the 6” — pre J-Lo era.

Then came 2010 when fashion blogs were starting to pop up everywhere, I did what every fashion obsessed person could do – join Tumblr. I got to share inspiration, music I was into and clips of fashion week that I one day hoped to see.

Fast-forward three years later — I graduated college, moved from the Midwest, took a chance on New York City and haven’t looked back since. Opportunities here are endless and I got to experience what every Fashionista aspires to do — work New York Fashion Week!

After seeing legends up close and personal like – Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs and Francois Nars himself – I knew NYC was the place for me. As I continue my journey I hope to inspire others as so many people have inspired me!

Like they say “there’s nothing you can’t do” when you’re in this city – cue Jay Z and Alicia Keys



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